The Citizens´ committee

These persons have announced the ECI “30km/h – making the streets liveable!” to the EU commission.

Heike Aghte,                                         Berlin/Deutschland:      representative
Martti Tulenheimo,                           Brüssel /Belgien:             substitute
Janez Bertoncelj,                                Ljubljana / Slovenia:    member
Matti Hirvonen,                                  Helsinki / Finland:         member
Rod King,                                               Lymm, Cheshire / UK:   member
Samuel Martin-Sosa Rodriguez,  Madrid / Spain:               member
Jeannot Mersch,                                Heffingen/Luxemburg: member
Dr. Hanns Moshammer                   Wien / Austria:               member

They are responsable for the European Citizens´ Initiative. According to the EU legislation a group of 7 persons from 7 different countries is required.